Is your Debt Solved Legal ?: The whole truth Here

At some point in life we ​​all get to acquire debts that can become a burden. Either with the bank or with an acquaintance, the ideal is to settle debts with the guarantee that it will be settled. There are several ways to do it, the most practical is to receive a proof of liquidation that gives you the certainty that you paid off your debt, signing an acknowledgment of receipt, another is going directly to the institution or approaching with the experts and asking for the help of a Credit repair company.

And we have to be very honest, when we are going through a situation of over-indebtedness, something within us changes and we begin to distrust everything and everyone, even ourselves because in the past we made decisions that were not the best or we had a losing streak. The fear could be greater when we learn that there are credit repairers that can help us with the problem we bring, get discounts and, best of all, give a service guarantee.

Debt is based on the discipline and commitments of both parties

Debt is based on the discipline and commitments of both parties

Today in the market there are about 10 companies that are dedicated to the repair of debt in Mexico, but there is one that stands out for a lot, who started with this project 10 years ago, its success has led it to grow towards other countries and settle a lot of debts that, more than money, have meant the tranquility and financial freedom of many people: Solve your Debt.

Surely you will wonder how reliable your Debt is Solved, well, I must say that even when there is no legal framework that regulates credit repair companies, some of them like this company founded by a couple of super young Mexicans, they self- regulate very strictly for the benefit of its customers.

As you read it, remember that the credit repair program of Solve Your Debt is based on the discipline and commitments of both parties. Once you decide to enter their program because you meet the conditions to do so – you owe more than $ 35,000 to a financial institution with which they negotiate and be late in your payments – you save month by month the amount established by both parties and you realize After a year has passed and not a single one of your debts has been cleared, the company has the duty to return, in full, each peso you saved and under no circumstances make any of the commissions charged.

Debt cannot verify that it did negotiation work 

Debt cannot verify that it did negotiation work 

Imagine that both parties complied. You were the most disciplined saver and the Resolve your Debt negotiating team made their job: you got the maximum discount on your debt and you will pay only 30% of your total debt. But the creditor, that is to say the bank or department store with whom you have that debt, finally says that he will not accept to settle that debt until 100% is paid.

This is the third guarantee clause and, I think, the one that gives customers much more certainty. In the scenario in which you were a client of 10, you saved and fulfilled in time and form always, but Solve your Debt cannot verify that it did negotiation work and did not settle any of your debts, then it has the obligation to pay you a penalty conventional once the contract has come to an end.

Remember that this security must be granted by all the companies with which you contract any type of service, otherwise it is very likely that they are a scam or very lively people who only seeks to profit without insuring or committing to their client.

Now you know, there is always a solution to financial problems. Debts are, here and in China, a daily regret of many people, but the important thing is to know that there are alternatives and experts who know how to help you, are willing to always give their best and, best of all, guarantee you financial peace of mind what are you looking for.

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